Self Groomer


  • Durable plastic material can be used for lasting. Brushes can be easily removed, Easy Cleaned and Installed.
  • The Cat Wall Corner Massage Comb can be easily mounted on either a flat wall or corner surfaces with 4 screws (included) and 4 adhesive strips (included).
  • Cat Self Groomer includes a small pouch of catnip, for use in the inner brush compartment to attract the cat to grooming for itself.
  • Gives cats a rubbing placeSoft rubber ensures gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin, real self groomer.
  • The upgraded version of the cat self-trimmer is softer than before.

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Product description

Size:one  |  Color:Gray

Benefits of Using input Upgraded version Cat Self Groomer 1. Self-grooming aid for cats This cat self groomer designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the rubbing object for the cat. 2. Clean up and collect loose hair, you don't annoy to clean the shedding hair anymore. 3. Make your pet's coat soft and shiny without scratching your pet's skin. 4. Lighten your burden when you are busy with other things, the self groomer allows your sweet cats to help themselves while having fun with it! 5. Provide your cat with a constant source of rubbing and grooming pleasure. 6.Easy to install and clean.